Eighteen Hundred Kilometers is the title I agreed upon after some serious head-banging. I tend to do that sometimes. This seemed just right – the title, of course! Like the last piece to this baffling puzzle. It took me some time to realize, what I was looking for, was in front of my face, all along.

This title refers to the geography of Pakistan: from Gwadar Bay, in its south-eastern corner, Pakistan extends more than 1,800 km to the Khunjerab Pass on China’s border. The title is a tribute to my life here in Pakistan and to the lives that I have seen, met, talked to, and who in their halo of life inspire countless others.

This is a voice in my head. Sometimes, a story narrated to me; a conversation that ignites revelatory experiences. And sometimes, it is just that one face in the crowd. This is more than distance. More than any kilometer. But it started from right here: Pakistan.

To people with great stories, to people with ordinary lives, to people who make us human, and to people who remind us that life is worth fighting for.


Thank you Ayesha, for this beautiful artwork.



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