Why Do I Write

I oft wondered, as I bookmarked one blog after the other on my Chrome browser, about the copious amount of information online to read, let alone to digest – who will read them? What if no one sees it? What if it’s just another assortment of words and shenanigans accumulating on the servers of the mighty internet? Why would anyone even care?

Years ago I shared a quote with my friend that happened to be from Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The quote being, “You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.”

I didn’t know about the story back then. Nor was I familiar with the Fox and the Little Prince. I didn’t understand the quote until recently I came across a blog post I could relate to and that was able to establish a connection with. The blog post is written by Todd Foley in which he explained the conversation between the Fox and the Little Prince. Now, it’s a priceless conversation that finally dawned on me when Mr. Foley explained – quoting an excerpt from the blog post:

To tame something means you’re investing time and energy in order to know it better. When this is achieved, you and this other thing become forever intertwined.

Mr. Foley further wrote how he is releasing a part of himself to people who are total strangers and how through “intentional reading and sharing of materials, I’ve found myself ‘tamed’ by literary strangers. It influences me in my own pursuits and motivates me to keep at it. To keep writing when I feel no motivation or that I have nothing worthwhile to share.”

I know how I spent hours and hours online, agonizing over a particular question in mind only to find solace in a blog post or an op-ed or or a website dedicated to reaching out to anyone who wants to learn. I’m among those readers where a potential post or an article has the ability to keep me inspired, help me make decisions and broader this vision of mine to be able to understand the many perspectives of a single story. I come across blogs dated ages ago or written recently, all of them being special and extremely resourceful. I owe so much to the blogs and tutorials online that got me through my homework during my engineering course. That got me through university. Not to mention even the plainest of words being an immense source of comfort in good and bad days alike. Knowing that someone has something familiar to say or an idea that resonates with you on many levels and how we neatly connect with people we sense a relation to – forming a close knit network of  people and friends. Falling and clicking right into place.

Remember that there’s someone out there waiting for words to relate to, anything that makes sense. And we need to get your words to them. The most wonderful feeling in the world is the feeling of relation. Not everyone will get what you say but someone will and that someone is the person who needs it the most.  – Tania Umar

Maybe these posts won’t be opened till a decade later or maybe they might not ever be read. But I’m writing all the same. Here’s to all those people for writing, sharing and posting, and making sense of the days when it just didn’t happen on its own.


You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed by Todd Foley



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